Main parameter:

1. Printing: Colors:8 colors 10 unit

2. Printing material available: BOPP, PET, PE, PVC, CPP, nylon film, Glass paper, paper,and its It has the same properties as the above materials.

3. Max.width of printing material :1030mm

4. Max .printing width :1000mm

5. Machine speed: 150m/min

6. Max.Printing speed:100-140m/min(varies according to the different printing material ink and the familiarity of the operator.etc.)

7. The Max diameter of unwind and rewind:600mm

8. Diameter of printing cylinder:100mm-320mm

9. Register precision: Vertical  ± 0.10mm(Automatic)


10. Diameter of web: 76mm (inner)*92mm (outer)

11. Main Motor:Frequency Motor 15kw

12. Machine Power: 146kw (Running about 82kw)

13. Overall dimension: 13500×2850×2850mm

14. All machine cast iron

15. Net weight:16.8T