This is 6 color machine photo, only for reference.


1. Machine features:

(1) After mounting the plate and registration, no longer need registration, improve yield;

(2) Replacing 1 set of Plate Roller (unloaded 6pcs old roller, installed six new roller after tightening), only 20 Minute registration can be done by printing;

(3) The machine first mount plate, pre-trapping function, to be completed in advance prepress trapping in the shortest possible time.

(4) Maximum production machine speed up 200m/min, registration accuracy ±0.15mm.

(5) The overlay accuracy does not change during lifting running speed up or down.

(6) With precision structural, easy operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation and so on,  one person can operate.

(7) China famous Inovance brand Servo motor for rewinding system.


2. Suitable Printing Material:

2.1 Printing Material:

1. Plastic film: Shrink film, BOPP/PET/PE/NY/PP, ect.

2. Paper: adhesive paper/ thin paper, ect .no over 200KG.

3. Non Woven Fabric :40-120gsm

Suit to roll paper with good performance, it print continuously with beauty quality.

2.2 About Material:

1.  Material width: MAX 1300mm

2.  Printing effective width: MAX 1260mm

3.  Diameter: MAX ф1000mm, Unwind and Rewind: 3″( by Air shaft)

Above material adopts: water-based ink, alcohol solvent environment protection ink, and photopolymer plate.

3. Production technology:


4. Main Parameter: 

Printing color6+0 one side print8+0 one side print
Max. width of material1300mm
Max. width of Printing area1260mm
Printing length (repeat)300-800mm
Max. diameter of unwind /rewind systemφ1000mm
Register precision±0.1mm
Gear teeth5mm
Structure typeCentral impression(central drum)
Gear drive, NSK Bearing
Center roller diameterφ1200mmφ1600mm
Max. mechanical speed200m/min
Printing speed30-180m/min (actual speed decided by material, ink,printing require, plate…. And so on) 
Machine colorStandard White & gold ( or at Customized)
Plate thickness1.14mm.1.7mm 2.28mm.2.84mm. 3.94mm
Customized is available
Dry systemElectric heating, IR
Max. temperature of oven120℃
Machine languageChinese + English 
Machine layoutUnwind system on left hand, when operator faces the operation interface
Machine power: 110KW140KW
Machine weight11Ton14Ton
Machine size (L*W*H)8.0M*3.2*3.6M8.5M*3.5*4.0M
Machine voltage:380V 50 HZ 3 PHASE Customized is available
Tension control range10-50KG
Tension control precision±2KG
Anilox rollerLPI decided by client Customized is available
Plate roller1set of 40cm on machine; other Sizes decided by client