This machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPE, CPP, nylon, aluminum foil, paper and other roll-like film material two or more layers.

Main Description:

■ machine using PLC logic control and protection, touch screen centralized control;

■ machine four AC variable frequency motor tension control, four closed-loop tension control and display;

■ retractable volume independent double-arm double-position rotary frame, inflatable shaft support roll, non-stop refueling, unwinding material for manual cutting, winding material for automatic cutting;

■ Three-stage open-type efficient and efficient drying oven and into the exhaust design, effective control of residual solvents;

■ water cooling before rolling;

■ pneumatic scraper, horizontal movement;

■ glue uniform device (uniform rubber roller);

■ Emptying EPC gas-liquid correction;

■ circulating oil or water heating composite steel roller;

■ Three-roll compound press roller device;

■ A second material preheating device;

■ dry heat source: electricity, steam, hot oil, natural gas.

The main technical parameters:

Mechanical speed

max 160m/min

Compound speed

max 150m/min

The guide roll width

1000 mm

Put a roll diameter


Winding diameter


The paper core specification

Inner diameter φ76mm Outer diameter φ76mm

Put a roll of tension

max 30kgf

Winding tension

max 30kgf

Electric heating power


Total machine power


Air supply pressure


Water supply pressure


Machine size (length * width and height)


Gross machine weight